Zucchini Boats

With all of the buzz surrounding the new year and the new possibilities it brings, I thought I’d start my resolution early. So in the words of my favorite cereal mascot, I am going to “Bee happy, Bee healthy.”

My best friend recently shared a mathematical way to add to my success in meeting this goal and exponentially increase my health and happiness. (Sorry for the puns there, guys!) She said, “strive to make yourself 1% better than you were the day before.” This makes each day’s goal achievable and allows you to steadily build on your goal instead of launching yourself into your new lifestyle with no plan and no semblance of your past life. In other words, you keep the good and slowly change the bad!

So, my first 1% change as of yesterday was cooking a healthier meal with Frank. We had a hankering for something spicy and savory and had planned to devour quite a few tacos. However, I found a recipe here for delicious and much healthier Zucchini Taco Boats. It was an easy switch and still satisfied our cravings.

Taco boat serving plate close up

We swapped out the corn tortillas for halved and hollowed zucchini slices, then filled them with seasoned ground turkey, red peppers, onions, homemade salsa, and low-fat Mexican cheese. 1% nunca sabía tan delicioso!

Taco boat prep 1

Taco boat slanted side view

Taco boat close up dinner

Once Upon A December

December is usually my favorite month. As everyone else in the midwest is winterizing their homes and preparing to hibernate, I love to welcome Jack Frost with open arms. Unfortunately for me (others are rejoicing), we haven’t had any winter weather yet. In fact, this week has been consistently 40 degrees (F)! While I would still love to swap out my iced capp for a rich, steaming caramel hot cocoa, I decided I wouldn’t let the warm winter dampen my winter traditions.

This weekend, Frank and I finally picked the lucky Spruce that gets to live in our new home (for a short while). We dressed him up in all kinds of holiday adornments and wrapped him in the warmest of holiday wishes.

Although I am still secretly holding out for a white Christmas, I’ll embrace the Autumnal weather… sweaters, boots, hats, and all!

final tree shot

Shop this look here…. Hat, Sweater, Graphic Tee, Pants, Tote, Necklace: Vintage (but similar here!)

I hope you’re enjoying whatever weather Mother Nature is throwing your way this holiday season!

final 2 christmas pics


final tree decorating

tree ornaments

Monday’s Musings

September is almost here and I’m astounded. I can not believe summer flew by so fast. I feel like I have so much still to do and I have been neglecting so many things.

One thing in particular I have been less than lax about is the cleanliness of my room. As a self-diagnosed OCD person, I have a hard time admitting there is more than one thing not in its right place in my room. Even disregarding the three to four weeks of laundry I have yet to do, there is more stuff on my floor than carpet.

Although I have not been to the beach at all this summer and I have at least seven assignments due this week in my classes, I felt my sole focus should be cleaning and organizing.

So, for this week’s Monday’s Musings I wanted to share some tips on organization and remodeling that I found helpful for any of you that are in a similar predicament.

Monday's musings 8.26.13

Arti Arte– This blog had some truly amazing tips on jewelry storage! There were so many great ideas and they al looked so much cuter than the stereotypical jewelry box or necklace tree.

Trusper– If any of you are like me, you have way too many shoes, but now that’s OK! Here’s a DIY shoe ladder to store all your heels in a way that doesn’t detract from your decor. Plus, you can show them off out in the open!

Better Homes and Gardens– This article had some clever tips on maximizing your space in a small apartment or house. The best way to de-clutter a teeny tiny area is to have creative and cute storage and to build up (with shelves).

Apartment Therapy– This site had even more great tips on organization and maximizing space. I loved their use of vintage suitcases to store out of season clothes because it’s pretty and you can use it as a bed side table!

Real Simple Magazine– This article is centered on reorganizing your closet. There are some really fascinating ideas on creating a clean closet with a cohesive aesthetic.

Modern Eve– This is the best wardrobe editing advice I have ever found! It’s a flowchart that guides you through cleaning your closet step by step. It’s sooo helpful!

Why Don’t Girl Scouts Sell Cookies All Year?

When I was younger (and a member of troop #3731) my mom would buy Girl Scout cookies from me and my troop in bulk and freeze some, giving me access to delicious cookies all year long. Now, I long for the days when I could just open the freezer and chow down some Samoas and Thin Mints.

Even though Girl Scouts only sell cookies in the early Spring, I found a website with a recipe on how to make Samoas yourself! So enjoy!



Monday’s Musings

With my move date getting closer and closer, I’ve been brainstorming ideas for housewarming parties. You know I’ll jump on any excuse to throw a party!

The other day, one of my co-workers told me her dream housewarming party was to throw a cocktail party where everyone brings their favorite liquor, mix, or drink and leaves it so she would have an amazing time with her friends and have a fully stocked bar after the party was over. Of course, I loved this idea! I’ve always wanted a fully stocked bar so I could display all of my varieties of alcohol in a cute vintage bar cart…. with a few other little touches.

So, for this week’s Monday’s Musings, I wanted to gather all of my ideas for this potential housewarming cocktail party and maybe give you a few ideas of your own. Enjoy!

mondays musings 8.12.13

Cupcakes and Cashmere– Emily’s blog “Cupcakes and Cashmere” always has great ideas for entertaining, and I love this post on Summertime cocktails!

Catch My Party–  This site has some clever ideas for themed cocktail parties. I love this French-themed outdoor party’s decor (even though it doesn’t look very French to me).

Redbook Magazine– I found this quiz from Redbook Magazine on finding your signature cocktail drink while doing my research. Although it’s a little cheesy, it’s still pretty fun. My signature cocktail is a cosmopolitan!

Refinery 29– I love this guide on “How to Class-Up Any Party,” even a simple pizza party! There’s some interesting tips on making an ordinary party with a few friends incredibly memorable.

Mental Floss– After finding my “signature drink” I started researching others’ iconic cocktails and found this cute infographic on famous characters (from books, movies, and TV) and their iconic cocktails. It also has recipes for each drink!

Miss Renaissance– Eva’s blog “Miss Renaissance” is always my go-to for recipes, but this how-to on creating the perfect bar cart made me practically swoon! It’s exactly how I always imagined mine would look.

Roasted Sweet Potato Tacos

With all my posts on sweet treats, I thinks it’s about time I show you guys something savory. Besides, for the past couple days, as the skies are gray and there’s a slight chill in the air, I have been starting to crave Autumnal edibles.

These roasted sweet potato tacos really hit the spot. They’re sweet, yet spicy and have an amazing texture and an interesting exotic flavor. Plus, they look so beautiful and vibrant on the plate. I’m all about colorful food!

Like most things, I found this recipe through Pinterest. It’s from an amazing food blog and while I’m not so sure about the format, all of the recipes look really delicious! Check out the Roasted Sweet Potato Taco recipe here!


Monday’s Musings

With the Detroit weather all over the place it’s nearly impossible for me to have a good hair day lately. One day it’s 90 degrees and sunny and the next it’s 65 and rainy. It seems like I’ve had a permanent ballerina bun all week because that’s the only way I can truly prepare for both humidity and heat.

While I’d love to be mistaken for an actual ballerina (those girls have killer legs!) I really am getting bored with this look. So this week, I’ve been inspired by beautiful braids and tantalizing twists! Although my hair is in an inside-out ponytail today, maybe tomorrow I’ll try one of these styles or accessories!

monday's musings 8.5.13

Mod Cloth– Some days there’s absolutely nothing you can do to save your hair, and those days, you need a cute hat! ModCloth has got you covered (literally)! They have some cute vintage inspired hats and hair accessories that look great on almost everyone.

The Beauty Department– This ‘Do is a modern take on a twist. It combines a french braid, a low pony, and a vintage victory roll but it’s surprisingly easy!

Refinery 29– While I may be addicted to Refinery 29’s blog for other reasons, these summer hair how-tos are amazing and so easy! This one is just tucking your hair into a headband or hair scarf!

A Beautiful Mess– This is a gorgeous take on a simple side pony… with a twist! (I know… I’m corny)

Twist Me Pretty– This style is called the Celtic knot, and being as I am part Irish, I felt I should learn it. It’s beautiful and looks so intricate and complex but it’s pretty simple.

The Small Things– So this one isn’t pictured, but this is the hairstyle I copied for today. It’s an elegant little twist on an inside-out ponytail and I’ve already gotten a compliment on it!🙂